Young Living Seed to Seal[spacer height=”10px”]Some of us may recall a long-ago slogan “Better living through chemistry!” Back in those days, there was excitement about what scientists could do in their laboratories to concoct synthetic reproductions of elements found in nature. The idea was that this would reduce costs and improve quality of life.

Since then our culture’s been dismayed to learn that the lower cost of these simulated and man-made ingredients can take a toll on our overall health and our environment.

As a result, many people are trending back to preferring products based in organic ingredients instead.[spacer height=”10px”]

People have choices in what they use on their bodies, in their bodies, as well as in their homes! Let others know there’s another route to self-care that’s more natural and far more effective and it’s as easy as replacing one item at a time with a healthier choice!

That is Where Nature And Science Behind All Things Young Living[spacer height=”10px”]

Company founder and visionary, Gary Young, was ahead of the curve on this vital issue. His passionate sense of purpose and dedication have inspired millions today to develop a nature-based lifestyle. There are no products available that more fully live up to this ideal and its benefits than those made with Young Living essential oils. We don’t have to know any of the science behind all this to experience the benefits. Still, it’s worth a moment to read through the steps involved, behind the scenes, in their preparation. Here’s a brief summary:

The pillars of Young Living’s product development process have always reflected this dedication.[spacer height=”10px”]

Young Living methods are grounded, first, in sourcing plant fields selectively; next comes the stringent quality testing in YL’s laboratory to choose only those sources and materials that will live up to this promise. Next, along with scientific testing to ensure only the best ingredients are included, there is a firm across-the-board rejection of any tainted or harmful additives. Finally, this exhaustive step-by-step research is matched by the highest possible standards of purity (never using synthetics or unethically sourced supplied); strict company compliance with all environmental guidelines; and ever expanding green standards regarding reforestation and recycling.

The above overview reflects the efforts behind every single resource that comes with a Young Living label. Its these YL assurances that have placed them at the top of the natural health regimen of millions of discerning consumers nationwide and worldwide.

Experience the Young Living Seed to Seal™ Guarantee![spacer height=”10px”]

The reliability that anything we can get from this company goes through this exhaustive process is a rarity in the health-support industry. And the fact that far too many consumers are not fully aware of the harm inflicted by chemical-based vs. true nature-based living gives each of us dedicated ‘oilers’ an enthusiastic zeal to spread the word of what a difference Seed-to-Seal living can make in our well-being, quality of life and our longevity.