When I think of essential oils, none is more essential than our Young Living one-of-a-kind Thieves oil blend. Since its original introduction this has become a flagship product – so well received it has since become a key ingredient in an ever expanded line of YL resources. Thieves is the basis of our popular all-natural dental hygiene line; offers convenient immune system support lozenges and mints and can be handily ingested in INNER DEFENSE supplements. Most recently expanded in availability are Thieves based household cleaning products (from spray and wipes to laundry cleaner, dish soap and top-selling handy Thieves foam hand soap dispensers.)

But what about the mother of them all .. . the basic Thieves oil blend itself? Even if you are already a Thieves advocate, here’s some additional use tips you may not have yet applied:

Thieves Oil is . . .


  • a perfect air freshener when diffused
  • a few drops in water freshens breathe and discourages bacteria
  • rub diluted on soles of feet for extra protection, especially during the winter
  • inhale a few drops in steaming water with head under towel to relieve sinuses
  • spray to soothe the throat
  • apply in a chest rub for soothing warmth and to support respiration
  • apply diluted under-arms may support the lymphatic system
  • use of thieves may give a lift from mental fatigue and support the circulatory system and intestines


  • a few drops rubbed on stubborn adhesives (glue, gum, etc.) dissolves them
  • add drops to smelly or musty laundry to eliminates odors
  • use diluted to remove grease, food and pet stains from carpet
  • use undiluted to clean tough areas like ovens and rusted metal
  • spray to discourage mold
  • rub on to remove hard water surface build up
  • spray in closets to discourage microbes
  • wipe on diluted (or get Thieves wipes) for surface disinfectant in cooking areas
  • wipe on handles, knobs, phones, etc. to discourage spreading germs

A portion of the above information is drawn from the Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oils.