About Catherine Burbank

Energy Therapies & Spiritual Healing combined with Young Living Essential Oils for more harmony in your life! 

Twenty-three years ago, I made the decision to take responsibility for my own healing and chose to make a shift from conventional medicine to find more natural and less toxic solutions for better health.
I was in a job where I was exposed to toxic chemicals and became so sick, I could no longer work there. Out of work, and taking multiple medications for the health challenges to my lungs and throat, I was introduced to a little kit of oils called the Young Living Essential Seven kit. The Lavender oil in particular was very soothing for my body and calming my stress, and was drawn to use it daily.
I did research on essential oils, and attended my first Young Living Training and Convention in 1996. I also learned about how important it is to have cleanse the system of toxins and tried the Cleansing Trio, which is a very gentle cleanse from Young Living. With the help of this cleanse, diffusing essential oils, eating a healthier diet and increasing my water intake I was able to make a huge shift in my wellness. People that knew me, saw a huge difference in my energy and overall health!
Because of the amazing effects the Young Living products had in physical and emotional wellbeing I became dedicated to helping others discover how these pure therapeutic products can boost our wellness and lifestyle.
I was trained by Young Living founder, Dr. Gary Young, over a number of years and was certified in the Raindrop Technique with the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. In addition, I became a Spiritual Counselor after receiving my ministerial license with Universal Brotherhood Movement, and from there became a Reiki Master Level Four.
I specialize in energy therapies, and spiritual healing combined with the Young Living Essential oils focused on individual care and emotional, spiritual wellness.